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Houston Construction Accident Lawyers 

Guiding Injured Workers Through Their Legal Options

In a growing city like Houston, construction is practically constant, which is great for job security when you work in the construction industry. However, there is always a chance that you will be hurt or killed while working at a construction site. This is why you take all the safety precautions possible when you are at work, but as you know by now, sometimes accidents happen anyway. 

In some cases, those accidents could have been prevented if the foreman or other person in charge of the site had taken extra steps to better protect construction workers. No matter who you believe was at fault for the construction site accident, you should seek legal guidance if you were injured or if a family member was killed on the job. You may be able to get financial compensation to help you deal with the effects of a tragic construction accident. 

The Wolf of Law Street has handled numerous cases involving construction accidents, so we can take on your personal injury claim with confidence. Our goal is to get you a settlement that will be sufficient to assist you in paying for any bills you have been facing since the accident occurred. If you are considering initiating a construction accident case, we encourage you to come to our law office for a free case evaluation with a personal injury attorney. 

What Are the Most Common Causes of Construction Injuries?

There are many ways to get injured on construction sites, as construction workers frequently work with heavy equipment and sharp tools or have to climb up onto high platforms. These tasks can lead to serious injuries and even death. The following are some of the most common types of construction accidents that cause injury, disability, or death:

  • Fall accidents
  • Electrocution
  • Scaffolding accidents
  • Wall or roof collapse accidents
  • Falling objects
  • Heavy equipment accidents
  • Defective tools
  • Chemical spills

These are just some of the types of accidents that lead to injured construction workers, with falls topping the list as the most common type of incident. However, there are certainly other ways that construction workers get hurt on the job. Whether the construction mishap you experienced is on this list or not, you deserve the chance to pursue compensation from the at-fault party, and a Houston construction accident lawyer can help with this. 

The construction accidents listed above can cause a variety of devastating injuries that may even lead to disability or death. The following are some of the most common construction accident injuries that we see in the personal injury lawsuits we handle:

  • Burns
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Eye injuries 
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Amputation 
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Impalement 
  • Permanent disability 
  • Paralysis

No matter what kinds of construction site injuries you suffered, you will likely have medical bills and lost wages after seeking medical care for them. You should not have to pay for these expenses after suffering workplace injuries that were not your fault. Hiring a construction accident lawyer from The Wolf of Law Street can help you get on the path toward full and fair compensation after a serious construction site accident. 

Who Could Be Held Liable for Accidents During Construction Jobs?

Construction projects typically involve several parties working together at one site. While this means tasks can get done faster, it also means there is a lot of room for error, as a single mistake by one person can lead to injuries for one or more construction workers. As such, there are usually a few potentially liable parties after a construction accident. 

If you are thinking of hiring a construction accident attorney to initiate a lawsuit, your legal team will need to prove fault. In most construction accidents, one or more of the following are found to be at fault in some way:

  • Construction companies that employ workers 
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Property owners
  • Contractors

There are many ways in which one or more of the parties on this list can play a role in a devastating construction accident. For example, your employer might have neglected to train you to properly use heavy equipment, leading to construction injuries for you and other construction workers. Some construction companies also neglect to give construction workers the right safety gear to wear or do not adequately supervise them on the job site. 

Contractors can also cause workplace injuries by using subpar materials and failing to supervise workers well enough at the job site. Product manufacturers may be partially at fault for workplace accidents due to creating defective products, such as a weak scaffold that collapses with construction workers on it. Even a property owner can be found at fault for a construction accident, as they might have provided construction workers with an unsafe place to work. 

If you are healing from a workplace injury or grieving a loved one who recently died in a construction accident, you should not have to spend time and effort determining fault. When you hire a construction accident lawyer from The Wolf of Law Street, you can trust us to take care of the legal matters, such as gathering evidence, proving fault, and pursuing compensation for you. Contact our law firm to get started on your personal injury case as soon as possible. 

What Should You Do After an Accident at a Construction Site?

The first step any injured construction worker should take is to get emergency medical help. Even if you think the injuries are minor, it is best to see a doctor right away to get a full diagnosis. 

In most cases of workplace accidents, there are witnesses at the scene who can call an ambulance for injured construction workers who need immediate medical care. Your next steps to take after a construction site accident will depend on whether your employer has workers’ compensation benefits.

Does Your Employer Have Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

If your employer has workers’ compensation insurance, you will need to follow the action plan set out by your employer, which usually means you need to report the construction accident injury in writing to the workplace within 30 days. This will prompt your employer to request a workers’ compensation insurance claim for the incident, and you will need to fill out some paperwork at that point. 

Once the workers’ compensation claim goes through, you can expect to get some benefits that will help you financially as you heal. Note that in order to keep getting these benefits, you must continue getting all recommended medical care, which will be paid for by workers’ compensation insurance. Under the Texas workers’ compensation program, you may be eligible for the following:

  • Temporary income benefits 
  • Supplemental income benefits 
  • Lifetime income benefits
  • Impairment income benefits

The benefits you get will depend on how much time you need to take off work to recover from your workplace injuries. If you only need to take a few weeks or months off work, you will get temporary benefits to make up for that lost income. If you cannot return to work at all due to your injuries or disabilities, or you can only work a very small amount, you will get the most benefits available. 

If your spouse or a family member who you were dependent on passed away due to injuries sustained in a construction accident, you might be eligible for workers’ compensation death benefits. In this case, you will get a portion of your loved ones’ wages so you can continue to pay your bills as you were before. 

Keep in mind that when you file a workers’ compensation claim, this means you cannot bring a lawsuit against your employer. In addition, it is a no-fault system, so you will not need to spend time trying to determine who caused the accident. 

However, you may be able to bring a third-party claim against another party that was partially to blame for the personal injury that took place at work. Third-party claims may be brought against general contractors, subcontractors, equipment manufacturers, equipment rental companies, and property owners. To file a third-party claim due to unsafe conditions and other dangers to construction crews, you will need to get help determining fault, which a construction accident attorney from The Wolf of Law Street can assist with.

What If Your Employer Does Not Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Texas does not require all private companies to carry workers’ comp. So if you were injured in a construction accident, you might be wondering what you can do to get your medical bills paid. After all, they can add up to thousands of dollars, depending on your health insurance and the severity of your injuries. 

This is where a personal injury lawsuit is often recommended. You will need to hire a Houston construction accident lawyer to discuss what led to your serious injury and who may have been negligent on the scene. Your lawyer will then let you know what kinds of damages you should seek from the at-fault party. If you lost a loved one due to a construction accident, this might be the time to file a wrongful death lawsuit, which a Houston law firm can help you with.

Even if you are filing a workers’ comp claim, you will need to get in touch with personal injury attorneys in Houston if you plan to sue a third party for additional damages. Either way, The Wolf of Law Street is here for you when you are ready to get a free case evaluation where we can talk about your personal injury claim. 

Can You Recover Compensation After an Accident?

Just about all serious construction accidents can cause injuries that require medical treatment. This can lead to medical expenses, lost wages, mental anguish, and more. Of course, the construction accidents that lead to fatalities can also result in these expenses, in addition to funeral and burial costs. This is why you deserve to pursue compensation, whether you are an injured construction worker or lost one or more family members in a horrific accident at a job site. 

At The Wolf of Law Street, we help injured clients seek the damages they deserve as they deal with the aftermath of construction site accidents. Most construction accident cases we handle involve at least some of the following damages:

  • Past medical expenses
  • Future medical costs
  • Rehabilitation bills
  • Lost income
  • Loss of future income
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering  

If you could benefit from getting compensation for any of these expenses, come to The Wolf of Law Street for a free consultation. We have handled numerous cases involving construction accidents, and we would be happy to take on yours so you can get the settlement you deserve as you heal from your wounds. 

Will a Construction Accident Attorney Help with Your Case?

If you are not sure how a lawyer can help people who have been hurt on construction sites, it may be time to schedule a free consultation with a local law firm to learn how these cases often go. During the initial meeting, you can give the attorney an idea of what happened to cause your injuries or the death of your loved one. You will then get legal advice on whether you have a strong case that is worth pursuing. 

For most people who are healing from injuries they got on construction sites, it makes sense to begin a personal injury claim with a Houston law firm. Not only can they get the funds they need to pay for their medical bills and lost wages, but they might also be providing a valuable reminder about the importance of occupational safety on construction sites. After all, many construction companies do not take occupational safety as seriously as they should until they are sued for personal injuries or wrongful death. 

If you are ready to learn more about how to initiate a lawsuit with a Houston construction accident lawyer, contact The Wolf of Law Street today at (972) 573-4532. Our attorneys are eager to schedule a free case evaluation to talk about your legal options.

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