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Euless, Texas Dram Shop Attorneys 

Helping Clients Collect Damages

When you have been injured by someone under the influence of alcohol, you may feel angry not only at the individual but at the establishment that continued to serve him or her after they were obviously drunk. The good news is that in Texas, you can file against not only the person but also against the shop or individual who served alcohol irresponsibly.

An example of a dram shop case is if a customer at a bar became obviously drunk, but the bartender continued to serve him or her additional drinks. If the intoxicated person then hits your car in an accident, you can sue the individual and the bar where he was served alcohol. We take pride in representing victims and achieving the outcomes they are looking for in their cases against dram shops. At The Wolf of Law Street, we know how frustrating it is when individuals act irresponsibly, including offering more alcohol to someone who is already intoxicated. We will work vigorously to see that justice is served for you, so contact us today at (972) 573-4532.

How Does a Dram Shop Lawsuit Work? 

A dram shop lawsuit occurs when an institution knowingly offers alcohol to someone who is already intoxicated. The State of Texas allows injured persons to sue the individual who did the drinking as well as the establishment where they were served alcohol. Dram shop laws in Texas may seem simple, but they are actually quite complicated as it can be difficult to balance the blame between the person and the shop where they did the drinking. These laws are not easy to understand, requiring knowledgeable attorneys with a great deal of experience to achieve a successful outcome.

Skilled dram shop lawyers, like those at The Wolf of Law Street, can get positive results in just about any scenario. We want to understand your situation completely, and we will spend all our energy and time investigating the details of your case in order to build a strong lawsuit against the establishments that behaved irresponsibly. Our goal is to regain the damages caused to you as well as change that store’s policies in the future so that more people are not harmed.

What Institutions Can be Held Liable Under Dram Shop Laws in Texas? 

While most people think of dram shop laws as affecting bars and taverns, the truth is that many institutions serve alcohol and can be held liable under Texas law. For example, the following businesses sell alcohol and have a responsibility to do so in a way that will not harm others:

  • Airports
  • Airlines
  • Restaurants
  • Bars and Taverns
  • Sports arenas
  • Liquor stores
  • Hotels and hospitality businesses
  • Grocery stores
  • Gas stations

Additionally, businesses are not the only ones who should exercise care when serving alcohol. Social hosts, meaning homeowners who serve alcoholic drinks to their underage guests, are also legally liable for damage caused by any minors who became intoxicated while at their event. Please note, however, that social hosts are not liable for damages caused by adults or by their own children who consumed the alcohol.

Dram shop laws can be complicated and involve a great deal of care, as you are fighting against companies with a lot to lose. Before suing a business for violating dram shop laws in Texas, please consult a trusted attorney who will be your ally in your fight for justice.

What Compensation Can I Receive from a Dram Shop Lawsuit? 

In a dram shop lawsuit, the restitution owed to you is similar to any other injury case in that you will be compensated for property damages, bills such as those for medical treatment, pain, suffering, and loss of income. The difference in a dram shop case is that the money will come not only from the individual who committed the misdeed but also from the shop that supplied the alcohol.

The tricky part of dram shop laws is determining how much must be paid by each party. For example, while the bar is not to blame for the actions of the individual, they are to blame for the alcohol they served when that person was already intoxicated. This is a tricky balance to reach and demands the utmost care and skill by lawyers working these cases. Our lawyers at The Wolf of Law Street understand these factors and will leverage all their experience and skill to get your damages repaid in full.

How Can Our Dram Shop Attorneys Help You? 

If you are suffering from property damage, injuries, or loss of a loved one after an accident involving an intoxicated person, you probably feel outraged by the irresponsible business that served the alcohol. They should have taken better care to prevent that person from becoming so intoxicated, which could have stopped the accident from happening. You are completely justified in wanting to recover damages for such reckless behavior, and in Texas, you can sue the business that served alcohol irresponsibly in addition to the individual who chose to get drunk, resulting in full compensation for the harm done to you.

Before pursuing a dram shop lawsuit, you should understand how complicated these laws are in Texas. It requires intense research and careful studying to determine how to present the case, so you get the full compensation you deserve. A delicate balance must be found between the responsibility of the person at fault and the liability of the establishment where they were served alcohol. At The Wolf of Law Street, we understand your unique needs as the victim of someone under the influence of alcohol, and we will not rest until we achieve the positive results you need from your dram shop case. Contact us right away at (972) 573-4532 to schedule a free, confidential case evaluation with one of our highly skilled dram shop attorneys today.

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