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Duncanville Car Accident Lawyers 

Guiding Auto Accident Victims Through Personal Injury Claims

If you were in a car accident that caused you to be injured or lose a loved one, your first step should be to get immediate medical care. Once you have taken care of your medical needs, your next step should be to contact a Duncanville car accident lawyer to find out what your legal rights are as you begin a personal injury case. You might be surprised to find that you do not have to get stuck paying all the bills related to an accident that you did not cause. As long as you get legal representation from experienced personal injury lawyers, you can fight back to ensure that the at-fault driver’s insurance company pays for your expenses, not you. 

When you hire a personal injury law firm to take on your case, you will get legal advice and support from personal injury lawyers who know all the steps to take to get you the financial compensation you deserve. At The Wolf of Law Street, we know you are likely in physical pain and worried about medical bills and lost wages, and we want to make sure you know you are never alone in dealing with your personal injury claim. When you hire a car accident attorney from our law firm, you can rest assured you have a qualified legal professional by your side from start to finish, so come to our law office today for a free consultation

What Causes Most Car Accidents?

Car accidents across the country can be caused in a variety of ways. All it takes is one driver to make a bad decision or even a small mistake, and they could collide with another vehicle within seconds. However, there are certain common car crash causes that personal injury lawyers frequently see when they take on car accident cases throughout Texas. The following are some examples of common problems that can lead to tragic automobile accidents: 

  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding
  • Drunk driving
  • Drugged driving 
  • Failing to stop for red lights
  • Failing to stop for stop signs
  • Failing to yield to oncoming traffic
  • Tailgating 
  • Driving too fast for the road conditions
  • Failing to keep up with vehicle maintenance 

As you can see, many reasons behind car accidents in Duncanville are easily preventable, meaning the driver could even be considered negligent depending on the circumstances of the crash. For example, a drugged or drunk driver could have waited until becoming sober before getting behind the wheel, or he or she could have gotten a ride. Instead, the drugged or drunk driver made a choice to drive while impaired, leading to a tragic collision that hurt or killed someone else. This can be considered negligence, which may be taken into consideration during a personal injury case. 

Reckless or fatigued driving can also be considered negligent acts, which can lead to victims of car and truck accidents having no issue getting the maximum compensation in their lawsuits, especially if they were seriously injured. The car accident lawyer you hire will let you know more about the compensation you will likely receive, depending on the details of your personal injury lawsuit. 

Of course, other poor driving decisions can lead to maximum compensation for victims with serious injuries, as well. The main point is that no matter what caused your motor vehicle accident, you should not have to pay for the medical bills and property damage you are dealing with now. You can go to a Duncanville personal injury law firm to discuss your legal options during a free case review with experienced auto accident lawyers, such as our team at The Wolf of Law Street. When you come to our law office for a free consultation, we can help narrow down what caused your car crash and determine how to position your auto accident claim to give you a good chance of getting maximum compensation.

What Damages Can I Seek in an Accident Claim?

For many victims dealing with auto accident injuries, the main issue is the cost of medical care, coupled with not being able to work for a while. This is a time when you should be able to rest at home in order to fully recover physically, mentally, and emotionally, as car accidents can be hard on the body and mind alike. However, it can be hard to relax when you keep getting medical bills in the mail and realize that you might not be able to pay them because you are taking time off of work to recover. 

This is why it is very important that you seek compensation if you are trying to cope with car accident injuries. Whether you have minor injuries or had to be hospitalized for your medical problems after the car wreck, you are likely facing medical expenses that will continue to pile up. This could especially be the case if you are suffering from serious injuries, such as brain injuries that could last a lifetime. With a permanent injury like this, you may have medical expenses that include the following:

  • Hospital bills
  • Surgery
  • Prescription medication
  • Medical equipment 
  • Transportation to doctor appointments
  • Physical therapy

These expenses can add up quickly, so whether you need this kind of medical treatment for a few months or for the foreseeable future, you will need help paying these costs. Fortunately, hiring personal injury attorneys to file a lawsuit for you can help you get the compensation you need to pay these medical costs and more. 

In addition, you will need to repair or replace your vehicle after it’s been damaged in a crash. The personal injury attorneys you hire can ensure you get the money you need for this by including property damage as part of your compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Without the ability to include this cost in your auto accident case, you could end up paying thousands of dollars for car repairs or you could end up having to buy a new vehicle altogether if your car cannot be fixed, so this is an important part of your claim. 

Another type of financial compensation your legal team can help you get is lost wages. After all, you will likely have to miss work for anywhere from a few days to several months. In extreme cases, you might not be able to work at a job like yours ever again, depending on how severe your bodily injuries are from the crash. You will need compensation to make up for your wages while you are recovering or trying to determine what kind of job you can still do. This is why the Duncanville personal injury firm you choose should include lost wages in your request for compensation from the insurance company. 

Other damages your personal injury lawyer might recommend that you ask for are noneconomic damages. These often include pain and suffering, emotional distress, and disfigurement. It is difficult to put a dollar amount on these damages, but you do deserve to be compensated for them, as they do make an impact on your life in various ways. If you are suffering physically or emotionally after an accident, let your personal injury attorney know so he or she can consider requesting noneconomic damages as part of your full and fair compensation. 

Can I File a Wrongful Death Claim After a Fatal Crash Involving a Family Member?

If you were in a car accident that was caused by someone else, dealing with the injuries you suffered is bad enough. If you are also grieving a loved one who was in the car with you and was killed in the crash, the pain is even worse. Not only do you have to try to heal your injuries, but you are also dealing with the emotions that come with suddenly losing a spouse or close family member. Even if you were not involved in the car accident that killed your loved one, you are mourning the unexpected death of a person close to you. It may be time to file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the family member you lost.

While no lawsuit can bring back your loved one, getting compensation for wrongful deaths can help some grieving family members, as this will allow some time off of work to come to grips with the immense loss. If the idea of going back to work next week just so you can pay the bills does not appeal to you, a wrongful death case may be the right move for you.

Granted, not just anyone can file this type of lawsuit after a death due to a car crash. You must be the spouse, parent, or child of the deceased. Once it’s clear that you are entitled to damages after losing a loved one, you can talk to your Duncanville lawyer about what kind of compensation you should seek. 

In most cases, you will get at least enough compensation to pay for funeral and burial costs, as well as sufficient money to pay for any hospital or doctor bills your loved one incurred before his or her death from a car accident. In addition, you may be eligible for damages for loss of future wages. To get this, you will have to be able to show that the death of your loved one greatly affected your ability to pay your bills, as he or she was the main provider. 

Other damages you may be entitled to include loss of companionship, as well as pain and suffering of your loved one before his or her death. These damages may be difficult for you to calculate, as you cannot add them up as easily as you can hospital and funeral bills. However, lawyers who have taken on numerous wrongful death and personal injury cases involving auto accidents can calculate these damages for you. 

If you are mourning the death of a spouse, child, or parent due to a Duncanville car crash, come to The Wolf of Law Street. Our legal team has years of experience handling cases in which someone was seriously injured or killed in truck accidents, car crashes, motorcycle accidents, or pedestrian accidents. Basically, if you experienced a sudden and devastating crash that has changed your life, you need help from our legal team, and you can get access to that assistance once you come to us for a free consultation. 

How Can a Duncanville Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

One of the simplest ways to help yourself after being injured in a car crash is by reaching out to a local personal injury lawyer as soon as you leave the accident scene. That’s because legal professionals are here to help you in a way that your insurance company is not. 

Even if you have a good relationship with your insurance company, you need to remember that its main purpose is to make a profit from your premiums and deductibles. Your insurance provider is likely going to send you the bare minimum amount of money you deserve after a collision, and even then, the check will probably take longer to arrive than it should. This is why you need to talk to a personal injury lawyer before you make an insurance claim following a crash. 

Whether you are hoping for compensation to pay for your medical expenses, property damages, lost income, or other costs, you probably won’t get the amount you need if you work with the insurance company alone. Instead, hire a car accident attorney to take care of all the legal matters, including communicating with your insurance provider and the insurance company lawyers who may be involved in the situation. You deserve the chance to stay home from work and rest as you recover from any personal injury you suffered in an accident. This means you should sit back and trust our team to handle everything for you, as we’ve successfully handled several personal injury and wrongful death cases for our valued clients over the years. 

When you reach out to The Wolf of Law Street for your free consultation, you can meet with a personal injury lawyer to discuss the details of your case. Once we establish an attorney-client relationship with you, we will start to go over all the information you have about the crash. After we examine accident reports, medical records, images of the accident scene, and other documents, we can begin your personal injury case so you can get one step closer to getting the compensation you need. If you are ready to get started, contact us today at (972) 573-4532 to schedule a free case review.

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