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Grand Prairie Car Accident Lawyers 

Helping Car Crash Victims Get Financial Compensation

If you were driving in Grand Prairie and another motorist hit your car, you may be wondering what to do next. Most likely, you have suffered personal injuries and property damage at the very least, leaving you with medical expenses and car repairs that need to be taken care of. However, you should not be left to deal with the consequences of a collision alone. You are entitled to get help with paying for the bills you may be facing after a car accident, and a law firm is a good place to start for that assistance. 

When you hire a law firm to handle your car accident claim, you can rest assured that an experienced personal injury attorney will handle the legal details while working on getting you financial compensation. The right Grand prairie car accident lawyer for your case will put your mind at ease while walking you through the claims process as you focus on healing from your injuries. 

If you are searching for a skilled personal injury lawyer you can trust, come to The Wolf of Law Street for a free consultation with our legal team. We understand the physical pain that comes from serious injuries caused by a car wreck, as well as the concerns that come from the medical bills that are likely piling up. We want to alleviate your worries after a car accident in Grand Prairie, so we encourage you to come to talk to our caring personal injury lawyers to get started on your case. 

What Are the Most Common Causes of Car Crashes?

Car accidents are extremely common and can happen for numerous reasons. However, the majority of car accident cases our legal team sees occur due to one of the following common mistakes drivers may make:

  • Drowsy driving 
  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Drugged driving
  • Reckless driving

Drivers who get behind the wheel despite being drunk, drugged, tired, or easily distracted are likely to make a number of mistakes that can end up being dangerous and even deadly for other people on the road. For example, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can cause motorists to speed or pass through stop signs and red lights without stopping or even slowing down. Drivers who fall asleep behind the wheel can veer into other lanes or even cause head-on collisions, which are often fatal car accidents. 

Some people drive recklessly on a regular basis. This means they might speed, tailgate other drivers, and turn or change lanes unsafely. They might also fail to yield to traffic signals and oncoming traffic. All of these decisions are unsafe and can cause serious motor vehicle accidents that result in catastrophic injuries and even death for others on the road. 

Even failing to properly maintain a vehicle can be dangerous. For instance, driving with a tire that is in poor condition can lead to a car accident that affects other vehicles on the road. The same goes for motorists who drive too fast on a spare tire, resulting in a collision with one or more other motor vehicles. 

Regardless of what you believe caused the car accident you were in, you should talk to a car accident lawyer about your legal options. You should not have to pay for the costs of someone else’s bad decision to drive drunk, recklessly, distracted, or in some other dangerous way. A skilled car accident lawyer can take steps to hold the insurance provider of the distracted, reckless, or drunk driver liable for your expenses after a collision. At The Wolf of Law Street, our legal team has taken on countless cases involving car accidents of all kinds, so you should contact our law office for a free consultation when you are ready to take legal action. 

What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Grand Prairie?

If you want a chance to protect yourself and help your personal injury lawsuit go as smoothly as possible, you should take the following actions before you leave the scene of the car wreck:

  • Get medical attention right away if you notice any physical injuries from the accident.
  • Call the police so you can fill out a police report.
  • Avoid admitting fault or even apologizing after the car accident. 
  • Get the name, address, phone number, and insurance company information of the other driver.
  • Take pictures of your injuries and any damage that was done to your vehicle.
  • Get contact information and witness statements from anyone who saw the car wreck occur.
  • Call a Grand prairie car accident lawyer for a free consultation.

Taking these steps after an automobile accident can ensure you get the documentation you need to show what happened at the scene of the car crash. You can then let your legal team know you have this critical evidence as you seek compensation after a car wreck. When you come to The Wolf of Law Street to discuss your injury claim, our caring car accident lawyers will consider all the details of your case before coming up with a plan to fight for your legal rights as a Grand Prairie car accident victim. Our goal will be to help you get the fair compensation you need to pay your bills after the crash, so we encourage you to come to us for legal assistance if you are worried about expenses as you recover from your physical injuries. 

What Kind of Financial Compensation Am I Entitled To?

The objective of your personal injury claim should be to collect the fair compensation you need to pay any bills you have as a direct result of the car wreck. It should not be considered your responsibility to pay for expenses due to an accident you did not cause. This is why you deserve to be able to hire a personal injury lawyer who will work hard to get you the maximum compensation possible. 

If you are wondering what kinds of bills you will get help paying for via compensation, you should first note that there are economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are usually costs that you can show a receipt or bill for, such as medical treatment. As the injured party, you likely have medical bills for everything from doctor visits and prescriptions to surgery and medical equipment. You might even have hospital bills if you were admitted after the car accident. These can be quite hard to afford, especially if you have not been able to work since the car wreck. 

This is why another type of economic damage is lost wages, which is a way to make up for the work you have likely had to miss since the crash. Whether you were in the hospital for weeks and unable to work during that time or can no longer work at all due to catastrophic injuries, you should pursue damages that include lost wages. You should also request money for property damage, which would include repairs for your car and any other belongings that were affected by the car wreck. 

Your personal injury lawyer in Grand Prairie can also include non-economic damages in your insurance claim. These can include loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish, and pain and suffering. These are just a few examples that your lawyer might pursue. When you get legal representation from a local law firm, your personal injury lawyer will determine which non-economic damages you should seek, and he or she will also calculate them, so you do not have to worry about this complex process. 

What Is Comparative Negligence?

As you start your car accident case, you might hear some legal terms you are not familiar with. One of these may be comparative negligence, which is a concept that is often used by legal professionals when determining fault for car accidents in Texas. When there is comparative negligence, it means the injured party may be partially at fault for the car wreck, which could reduce the total compensation he or she gets. 

As an example, if an insurance company calculates that you are 40% at fault for a motor vehicle accident, your compensation will be decreased by 40%. This would mean that 60% of your expenses would be paid for by the other driver’s insurance company, and you would likely end up paying 40% yourself. Note that if you are 51% or more at fault for the accident, you will likely not get any compensation for your expenses.

The lawyers at the personal injury law firm you choose can help you better understand comparative negligence and other Texas personal injury law concepts. At The Wolf of Law Street, we would be happy to simplify the legal process for you and answer any questions you have about your case. Just schedule a free consultation with our lawyers when you are ready to talk about your legal options as a victim of a car crash in Grand Prairie. 

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Guide Me Through My Case?

If you are thinking about contacting your own insurance company to report the accident and get help with your expenses, you should consider reaching out to a lawyer first. You might find that making a report with your own insurance company is not as helpful as you might expect, nor is trying to work with the other driver’s insurance company after a crash. 

Basically, insurance companies are there to make money, not necessarily to help accident victims with their expenses. You will likely find this out the hard way when you realize the insurance company that you have been paying premiums to for years is not as fast at responding to your communications as you might hope. You will probably have a similar experience when you contact the at-fault driver’s insurer, as they might be difficult to get ahold of and slow to send a check for the damages. 

This is why you need legal counsel if you want a higher chance of getting the maximum compensation for medical expenses and more after a car accident. The insurance claims process is not as simple as adding up your costs and then showing the insurer the total. The company will likely have additional questions and may request documentation that you do not necessarily have. Then, if you are lucky, you may get a check for the damages, but it will probably be for the bare minimum amount. This is just how it is when you rely on an insurance provider to send you money after an auto accident, even if it is clear the wreck was not your fault and left you with serious injuries. 

On the other hand, when you hire a law firm, you can rest assured you will have a whole legal team on your side. The goal of any good firm is to get clients maximum compensation, including economic and non-economic damages. You deserve to have enough money to pay for your expenses related to the wreck and then some, as you have surely spent time dealing with the physical and emotional pain that auto accidents often bring. 

For this reason, the personal injury lawyers at The Wolf of Law Street want to help you today. You should not have to spend your free time calling insurance companies or proving that you were not at fault for the car accident that caused your injuries. Leave these legal matters to our team, as we have experience negotiating with insurance companies to get our clients the most compensation possible. When you trust us with your personal injury case after an accident, you can sit back and relax knowing it is in good hands. This should help you spend your time recovering from your injuries rather than worrying about the outcome of your case. 

At The Wolf of Law Street, we offer a free consultation to every new client. During this meeting, we will be here to listen to the details of the devastating car accident you were involved in. Once we know the facts and have carefully studied any documentation available, we can start working on the way to pursue compensation from the insurance company. If you are ready to begin your personal injury case today, contact us at (972) 573-4532 to set up a free case review with our team.

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