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Garland Car Accident Lawyers 

Offering Legal Counsel to Accident Victims

If you were in a car wreck caused by someone else, you might be entitled to financial compensation that will pay for all the expenses you are facing as an accident victim. Whether you have medical bills, car repair costs, lost wages due to taking time off work, or other expenses, you should not be stuck paying for all these out of pocket. If you did not cause the car crash, it is not your responsibility to pay for the damages. 

Of course, you will need to talk to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to find out what your legal liability is, as you will have to show that you were not at fault for the car accident. Once you and your lawyer can prove this, you can move forward together to pursue just compensation from the driver who caused the crash. This way, you will not be expected to pay for your medical bills, property damages, and other costs out of pocket. 

When you come to The Wolf of Law Street for legal guidance, our personal injury attorneys will carefully examine your case to figure out how to fight for your rights after a motor vehicle accident. We invite you to come to our law office to meet with a Garland car accident lawyer, who will gladly work with you to get you the fair compensation you need after a serious accident in Texas. 

What Kinds of Damages Should You Seek in Your Car Accident Case?

When you hire a Garland car accident lawyer, you will get the assistance you need to seek the maximum compensation for your injuries. There are a few types of compensation you can pursue, depending on what your expenses have been so far after the car accident, as well as what your personal injury lawyer recommends you get. The following are the most common types of economic and non-economic damages to pursue after a car accident in Garland. 

Medical Costs

Whether you suffered minor injuries or severe wounds in a car accident caused by another driver, you will likely have a lot of medical bills to deal with, and you should not have to pay any of them out of pocket. The good news is that if you hire a personal injury attorney for your car accident case, you can go after damages to cover your medical expenses. 

This means that any medical treatment that was needed due to the car accident should be paid for by the other driver’s insurance company. For example, if you need to take an ambulance from the accident scene to the hospital to get your serious injuries treated, you can pursue damages to pay for the ambulance ride. The same goes if you were admitted to the hospital and now have hospital bills to pay. Any surgeries, medications, or follow-up care you need to treat your personal injuries after the accident should also be covered in the compensation you request in your car accident claim. 

If you did not have to go to the hospital after the crash, but you still got medical treatment from your regular doctor, those bills should be covered, as well. This means copays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs for doctor visits, medications, physical therapy, and medical equipment should be reimbursed to you when you get compensation from the insurance company. 

Your Garland car accident lawyer will walk you through the process of requesting damages for medical bills when you have suffered serious injuries in a car accident caused by someone else. Whether you have already paid these bills or have just started getting the bills in the mail, the amount you get for your personal injury claim should cover all of your expenses for medical treatment after the crash. 

Property Damage

Another reason to pursue economic damages after a car wreck is to get compensated for any money you have to spend on repairs to your property. Whether your vehicle got some dents and scratches from the car accident or was totaled, you will likely be spending a lot of money on car repairs or even a whole new car. You should not have to pay for these expenses, as the insurance company of the driver who caused the crash should pay. 

Property damage also applies to any other items that were destroyed in the crash. For instance, if you had a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or any other expensive items in your car at the time of the accident, they are likely now damaged or even completely destroyed after the crash. A reasonable settlement should cover those items so you can replace or repair them.

Lost Wages

Most personal injury cases also pursue damages for lost wages. After all, you likely took time away from work so you could recover from your personal injuries after the car accident. Depending on how much paid time off you typically get and how long you took to heal from your wounds, you might have lost quite a bit of income after the crash. This is especially the case if you suffer catastrophic injuries and will not be able to return to work for months, if ever again.

You should not have to bear the financial consequences of the time you took off of work to heal. Instead, you should get paid at least the same amount as you would have if you had not taken any time off work, as the accident was not your fault. Getting lost wages as part of the financial compensation you end up with can help you pay your bills after the auto accident. 

Pain and Suffering

Your car accident lawyer will likely help you pursue non-economic damages, as well, with pain and suffering being the most common kind. These damages are not as simple to calculate as economic damages since you cannot exactly show a bill you received for pain and suffering like you can with medical bills.

However, lawyers who are experienced with car accident cases like yours can estimate the amount you should get to make up for any pain and suffering you had to deal with due to a car crash. Basically, if the physical pain and mental anguish you were in after the auto accident disrupted your life and made it difficult to get through the day, you likely deserve reasonable compensation for this. 

Experienced personal injury attorneys can help with this task, as they know how to request economic and non-economic damages during your personal injury case. If you want to know more about how personal injury lawsuits typically go after serious auto accidents, contact The Wolf of Law Street today for a free consultation. 

What Can You Do to Improve Your Odds of Getting Financial Compensation?

If you are thinking about reaching out to a personal injury law firm to start your case, you may be interested to know what kind of information will help your accident attorneys assist you. There are some specific steps you can take to move your personal injury lawsuit along a bit faster, such as the following:

  • Get pictures at the accident scene. Before you leave the scene, make sure you take some pictures, so you have photo evidence of what happened to you. Getting pictures of the damage done to your car and the injuries you have suffered can help strengthen your car accident case. 
  • Call the police. You will need the police there so you can fill out a police report describing the details of the crash. Car accident attorneys can use the information in police reports to improve their personal injury cases and move the legal process along. 
  • Get contact information. You will want to make sure you or your legal team can contact everyone at the scene of the accident at a later date if necessary. This is why you should get the name, phone number, insurance company information, and license plate number of the other drivers involved in the car crash. 

Experienced car accident attorneys will use this and other documented evidence, such as medical records, to improve your auto accident claim. This is why you should gather as much evidence as you can before you leave the scene. Once you meet with a skilled personal injury lawyer at a free consultation, he or she will let you know what kind of documentation of the car crash would help your case. If you are ready to start talking to experienced personal injury lawyers, contact The Wolf of Law Street to learn more about the legal process after a car crash. 

What Is Comparative Negligence When It Comes to Texas Car Accidents?

Determining fault is an important part of any car accident case. This is because Texas law has a feature called comparative negligence, which addresses instances in which an incident could be partially the fault of the victim. So if you suspect you could have contributed to the car crash in any way, even if only through a minor mistake, you should learn what comparative negligence involves. 

The main point of this concept is that if your actions helped cause an accident, your compensation may be reduced based on how much impact you had on the crash. As long as you are not found to be the main cause of the crash–meaning 51% or more at fault–you can likely still seek financial compensation even if your actions led to it.

For instance, if an insurance company determines you were 30% at fault for an auto accident, your settlement will be reduced by 30%. This means you could end up paying for about 30% of your car accident expenses while the insurance company pays for the rest. It is up to you and your car accident lawyer to work together to prove you were not at fault at all if you want to get the full compensation, which is why you should gather as much evidence as you can. 

When you come to The Wolf of Law Street, you can get a free consultation with our legal team to discuss the details of your case. During this meeting at our law office, you and the firm’s personal injury lawyers will go over what led to the crash, what documents you have to help prove the facts of the case, and what kind of compensation you should pursue. 

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help?

Many drivers rely on insurance companies to provide them with compensation after serious car accidents, but this is not always the right option. When you trust your insurance company to send you a check for the damages you are entitled to, you have no way of knowing if it is the right amount. Even if you provide them with a copy of the bills you have to pay, you may be owed more than that amount due to pain and suffering and other non-economic damages that you cannot add up on your own. 

In addition, many insurance companies take much longer than they should send compensation to victims of auto accidents. As a result, you could end up waiting months to get the money you need to pay for your medical bills, vehicle repairs, and more. This is not fair to you, as you deserve to get your compensation as soon as possible. 

When you hire a law firm that regularly deals with claims involving motor vehicle accidents in Garland, you can breathe a sigh of relief that your case is in good hands. At The Wolf of Law Street, our legal team has years of experience negotiating with insurance companies to get fair compensation for our clients. This means you will not have to spend time going over the car crash details with your insurance provider or trying to schedule an appointment with an insurance adjuster. 

You can let our lawyers handle these details while you work on recovering, whether that means resting at home or just focusing on getting to your doctor appointments on time. We think all our clients deserve the chance to rest and put all their effort into fully recovering after suffering injuries in car accidents, which is why we are eager to help as soon as you reach out to us. 

If you are ready to seek legal representation from a skilled team of attorneys, come to The Wolf of Law Street today. We understand the devastation that Garland car accidents can cause, especially when there is serious injury involved. When you come to our law firm for your free consultation, you can look forward to discussing your case with a caring, experienced team that is ready to assist with your personal injury case. Contact our law firm today at (972) 573-4532 to schedule your free initial consultation with our team.

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