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Check Out The Areas Of Practice For The Accident Attorneys At The Wolf of Law Street And Call 972-573-4532 For A Free Case Evaluation Today!

Car Accidents: Car accidents are a common way for people to get injured. Hire a lawyer to seek compensation after a crash you didn’t cause.

Construction Accidents: Construction accident injuries can be serious and even permanent. Contact a lawyer for legal representation. 

Truck Accidents: Accidents with trucks can lead to severe injuries or death. Get our help if you suffered injuries after a collision with a truck.

Motorcycle Accidents: If you were hit by a car while riding a motorcycle, your injuries are likely severe. Hire one of our lawyers to seek compensation.

Bicycle Accidents: Being hit by a car while riding a bike can cause life-threatening injuries. Get help from a personal injury lawyer today.

Pedestrian Accidents: If you were hit by a car while walking, you are probably badly hurt. Contact our law firm for help-seeking damages.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents: If you or a family member were hurt in a collision with a commercial car, you have legal options. Contact our firm today.

Slip and Falls: If you slipped and fell, it might take you months to heal from the injuries. Let us help you seek compensation for medical bills and more.

Dog Bites: Dog bites can cause serious puncture wounds, which may lead to infection or limb loss. Call us for help filing a lawsuit. 

Premises Liability Cases: If you were hurt on someone else’s property, they might need to pay for your medical bills. Contact us to learn more. 

Dram Shop Cases: If you’ve suffered a loss because someone was overserved, a dram shop case can help. Let our firm file a lawsuit for you.

Mesothelioma Asbestos Cases: If you’re suffering after exposure to dangerous substances, you deserve legal help. We’re eager to provide it.

Oil Rig Injuries: Working around oil rigs can be dangerous. Our firm will help if you’ve suffered injuries and need compensation.

Wrongful Death: If you lost a loved one tragically due to someone else’s negligence, you might have a case. Contact our law firm to learn more. 

Bad Faith Insurance: If your insurance provider has denied your claim, you’re not out of options. Let us help.

Traumatic Brain Injuries: If your brain is forever changed due to injury, you deserve to seek damages. Let our law firm help. 

Uber Accidents: If you were injured riding in an Uber car, you could seek damages for medical expenses and more. Hire us to start your case.

Lyft Accidents: If you were hurt in a Lyft accident, you shouldn’t have to pay for your medical bills. Let us file a claim for you.

DUI Accidents: If a drunk driver injured you, it might be time to seek compensation. Our firm can file your case.

Business Legal Issues: If you are dealing with legal problems involving your business, we can help. Contact our firm to learn more. 

Real Estate Cases: The real estate industry involves dealing with expensive assets. Contact us if you’re owed money after a real estate deal.

Deceptive Trade Cases: If you were lied to or manipulated by a company, you might have legal recourse. Call our law firm to learn more. 

Nursing Home Abuse: If a loved one was abused in a nursing home, you could seek justice for him or her. Come to our law firm to get started.

Social Media Cases: If you or your business has been harmed through social media, the law may be on your side. Contact us to learn more.

Product Liability: If you were injured while using a product, you might be entitled to compensation. Let our firm help you pursue it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Legal Claims in Texas

Q: Can I file an insurance claim by myself to get compensation?

A: It is possible to file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company to get compensation. But it is not recommended, as the insurance company does not work for you as a personal injury lawyer does. This means you will probably not get the amount of compensation you deserve, and it might take longer than it should for you to get a check. Hiring a lawyer will make this process easier for you.

Q: When should I start talking to a personal injury lawyer?

A: You can hire a lawyer at any time after you have suffered injuries. Some people call their lawyer as they leave the accident scene, while others wait for months to do it, such as after they’ve realized the insurance company is not helping them. We recommend you hire a firm right away, but it’s not too late to do it today if you haven’t already.

Q: Does it cost money to talk to a personal injury lawyer in Texas?

A: The answer is no. Most personal injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation so you can decide together if your case is worth pursuing. If you cannot show that you were injured and that it was someone else’s fault, a lawyer might decide not to take on your case. But it costs nothing to go and find out, so you should schedule an initial consultation any time you are considering getting legal help in Texas.

Q: How can a personal injury attorney start on my case?

A: Once you have met with a lawyer and found out you have a case, your legal team will let you know what they need from you before getting started. In many cases, personal injury attorneys will ask for any evidence you have that will help your cases, such as police reports, medical records, photos, or witness statements. These documents can help them do their job, but they are not required if you do not have them.

Q: What are economic damages?

A: Economic damages are expenses that your lawyer can easily add up in your case, as you will likely have bills, receipts, or estimates showing you are expected to pay for these costs. In most cases, the economic damages you seek will include medical expenses, property damage, and lost wages. This means you should get enough money in damages that you can afford to pay for your medical bills, car repairs, and regular bills despite missing money on your paycheck after staying home from work to heal.

Q: What are non-economic damages?

A: Non-economic damages are harder to add up, as you will not have bills for them. They are meant to help make up for any inconvenience or suffering your injuries have caused you, as some types of accidents can be emotionally damaging and even embarrassing to deal with. This is why your personal injury attorney might seek non-economic damages for you, such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, or humiliation. You cannot usually add up these damages on your own, so let your lawyer do it for you.

Q: How will my personal injury lawyer pursue compensation for me?

A: In most cases, the person who injured you likely has insurance, so your lawyer will contact the insurance company to seek damages. Whether the person who caused your injury was a driver with car insurance, a resident with homeowner’s insurance, or a business with a commercial policy, your attorney may be able to get your compensation by filing a claim. If they do not come to a settlement, the case could go to court, or the lawyer may decide to bring a lawsuit against a third party. It all depends on the circumstances of your case.

Q: What if I can’t afford a Texas injury attorney?

A: If you are worried about legal costs, you should rest assured that you will not owe anything upfront. At legal offices like The Wolf of Law Street, lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which basically means you only have to pay the legal fees once you get your settlement. The amount you pay will be a percentage of your settlement, which you and your lawyer will agree upon at the start of the case. If you do not get money at the end of the case, you don’t owe any legal fees.

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