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Flower Mound Car Accident Lawyers 

Offering Compassionate Legal Counsel to Accident Victims

Motor vehicle accidents can have serious and even life-changing effects on the victims involved. Even worse, you never know when your car is going to be hit by another driver while you’re on the road, so you can’t exactly prepare ahead of time. All you can do is drive defensively to try to avoid a car crash and have some idea of what to do if your vehicle is ever hit by another driver in Flower Mound.

One of the steps to keep in mind is to seek legal advice as soon as possible after the car wreck. Talking to a car accident attorney about your legal options can put your mind at ease and help you get the monetary compensation you need to pay your bills. After all, the expenses that come with a car wreck can add up fast, and you should not be expected to pay them when someone else causes the accident. This is why you should come to The Wolf of Law Street for a free case evaluation if you are ever in a crash in Texas. We can advise you on the next steps to take to seek justice after a crash.

What Should I Do After a Car Wreck?

While you can’t always prevent car accidents, you can take a few actions to protect yourself if you end up in a car wreck in Texas. The following steps are known for helping personal injury claims in the long run, so try to take them directly after a crash:

  • Call the police to the scene so you can fill out an accident report
  • Get immediate medical attention if you notice that you’ve been injured
  • Exchange contact information and insurance company details with the other driver
  • Do not admit fault or even apologize for the accident
  • Use your phone to take pictures of injuries and any damage to your car and the other cars
  • Find out if anyone witnessed the crash so you can get their contact information 
  • Call a Flower Mound personal injury law firm to get legal advice

You should keep in mind that the most important action you can take is to get the medical treatment you need immediately after the crash. If you’re bleeding or think you might have life-threatening injuries, you should take an ambulance to the hospital. If your injuries seem to be minor, you should still get medical attention the same day, but you can quickly follow the rest of the steps on the list before you leave the accident scene. 

The reason you should fill out a police report, get pictures of the scene, and get the contact information of witnesses is, so you have evidence to back up your case. The more proof you have that shows you did not cause the crash, the easier it will be to seek compensation from the other driver’s insurance company. Your attorney can work on your case even without this supporting information, but it’s nice to have when possible. 

The experienced lawyers at The Wolf of Law Street have handled numerous car accident cases over the years, and we’re confident we can take on yours, as well. If you want to learn more about how we can help you, come to our law firm for an initial consultation, where you will meet our personal injury lawyers and discuss what kind of damages you may be seeking with your case. 

What Compensation Can I Get After a Car Accident?

If you are not sure what the reason would be for initiating a car accident case, the main one is to give you the highest chance of getting compensation after a car crash. This should come as a relief to you if you have any bills as a result of the accident. This could include medical bills, car repair expenses, and lost wages from taking time off work. 

The personal injury lawyers at The Wolf of Law Street can help you recover money for any costs associated with the accident in Flower Mound. For instance, if you have paid any medical bills yet, you can get reimbursed for them. Some common medical expenses in car accident cases include:

  • Medications
  • Surgery
  • Hospital bills
  • Doctor office copays
  • Physical therapy

Your economic damages may also include money to cover repairing or replacing your vehicle if necessary. Plus, if you had to take weeks or months off work while healing from your injuries, you can get damages for lost wages, which means you will get paid as much as you would have if you had been able to go into work. 

The fair compensation that your lawyer will help you get might include non-economic damages. These are often known as pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment in your life. Your personal injury attorney will let you know which damages to go after depending on the severity of your injuries, the cost of the property damage, and the overall impact the crash has had on your life. Come to The Wolf of Law Street for a free consultation if you want to learn more about how damages are calculated and how we can get you a fair settlement from the insurance company. 

How Can I Afford Legal Fees If I’m Out of Work?

One concern many car accident victims have is how they can pay for a personal injury lawyer when they are not working due to an accident. At The Wolf of Law Street, we understand this and do not want you to go without the help of a personal injury lawyer simply because you cannot afford the fees at this time. 

This is why we work on a contingency basis, which means we only get paid once you get a settlement from the insurance company. If you do not get financial compensation, you do not have to pay our law firm. This is why you can afford us even if you have been out of work and have medical bills to pay. 

We will fight hard to get you the maximum compensation so you can get back on your feet financially after a car wreck in Flower Mound. We even offer a free consultation at our law firm so you can meet our attorneys and get comfortable with them before we begin working on your personal injury case. Our personal injury lawyers are looking forward to meeting you to discuss how we can use our knowledge of personal injury law to get you the fair amount you deserve. 

Should I Talk to Personal Injury Lawyers at a Texas Law Firm After a Car Crash?

The last thing most of our clients want to do is spend time talking to insurance companies after a crash. If you are healing from serious injuries due to another driver’s negligence behind the wheel, you should be able to spend your time recovering, not talking to insurance companies or trying to figure out the legal system alone.

This is why we encourage you to leave the legal matters to a capable car accident attorney you can trust at our law firm. At The Wolf of Law Street, our legal team has handled countless cases involving drunk driving, distracted driving, reckless driving, or other forms of negligence on the road. The attorneys at our law firm are skilled at determining fault, negotiating with insurance companies, and helping clients get fair compensation for their personal injury cases involving tragic car accidents. 

When you come to our law office for a free consultation to discuss your injury claim, you will meet with a caring, knowledgeable personal injury attorney you can rely on to guide you through your case. During that initial appointment, you can decide if you want to start an attorney-client relationship that will get you on the path to a settlement with the insurance company. Contact us today at (972)843-9616 to arrange a meeting with one of the attorneys at our Texas law firm.

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