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Haltom City Car Accident Lawyers 

Guiding Car Crash Victims Through Personal Injury Claims

Being involved in a car accident can cause you to suffer injuries that stay around for months or even years. Even worse, the bills you get from the medical attention you need right after a car accident can also stick around for years. You should not have to deal with these bills as you heal from your personal injuries, which is why we urge you to seek legal counsel as soon as you can after a crash in Haltom City. 

When you talk to a personal injury attorney about your situation, you will likely be advised to pursue damages from the at-fault driver’s car insurance provider. This way, you have a chance of getting the money you need to pay for your bills related to the accident, so you do not end up in debt trying to pay for medical expenses, car repairs, missed income, and more. At The Wolf of Law Street, our compassionate accident lawyers can guide you through your personal injury claim, allowing you to focus on getting the medical treatment you need and recuperating at home as much as possible.

What Should You Do After an Auto Accident?

There is no way to completely prevent getting into a car wreck in Haltom City, but there are ways to minimize the damage to your bank account and your body alike after you are injured. Following these steps can improve your outcome when it’s time to seek legal guidance from a skilled attorney:

  • Get immediate medical care. The most important step to take after a car crash is to identify any physical injuries and then determine if you or a family member in your vehicle need emergency assistance. If you are bleeding or feel like you are seriously injured after a crash, you should go to the hospital right away. If you are feeling sore but do not think you need emergency treatment, you should call your doctor to make an appointment as soon as you leave the accident scene.
  • Make a police report. Prior to leaving the scene, it is important to call the police so you can fill out a traffic accident report before you leave. This will enable you to write down the details of the auto accident while they are still fresh in your mind. This kind of evidence can help support your accident claim. 
  • Exchange information with other drivers. You need to write down the name, contact information, and insurance company details of the driver of the other vehicle that hit your car. You should do the same with any other drivers involved in the accident. The more information you can collect at the scene, the more support your claim will have. 
  • Take pictures of your injuries and damages. Do not leave the scene without first taking some pictures of any damage done to your car, such as dents, scratches, and missing parts. While you have your phone out, you should take pictures of any injuries you or your passengers have before they start healing, as this can show the severity of the crash. 
  • Hire a car accident attorney. The last step should be to contact a local law firm to find out how the personal injury lawyers there can assist you. They will likely want you to come in for a free consultation to discuss the auto accident and let you know your legal options. 

If you are ready to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer in Haltom City, come to The Wolf of Law Street to get started on your case. We understand how devastating car accidents can be, and we know that support and knowledge of the legal process can make all the difference for our clients dealing with the consequences of car accidents. This is why we offer free consultations for accident victims interested in initiating personal injury cases in order to pursue damages. 

What Are Your Options If You’ve Been Injured in a Crash?

Whether you are suffering from catastrophic injuries or have minor wounds that are nearly healed now, you likely have some medical bills to pay after the car wreck. Before you pay them on your own, you should talk to an experienced auto accident attorney about what kind of damages you can pursue in your personal injury case. The answer will largely depend on what bills you are facing due to the automobile accident, as well as what your Haltom City personal injury lawyer recommends for you.

In most cases, the injured party should seek compensation for medical costs. For instance, if you had to go to the emergency room, get surgery, take prescription medication, and get follow-up care from your doctor and other medical professionals, you should show your attorney all those medical bills. He or she can make sure your case includes these damages so you are not left paying for your medical treatment on your own. 

Your vehicle likely sustained some damage, as well. Whether you have to take it to a repair shop for minor repairs or need to buy a new car completely, the insurance company of the other driver should pay for these costs. This is why your accident lawyer will most likely request fair compensation for your property damage when you file your claim. 

In addition, you probably had to take some time off work to get medical care or at least take your car to the shop. This can lead to lost wages, meaning you might not have enough money to pay your bills after the auto accident. You should not be left with this common consequence of auto accidents, so be sure to tell your lawyer the amount you have lost while taking time away from work. When you hire an accident lawyer from The Wolf of Law Street, you can rest assured our experienced team will work hard on your claim so you get the financial recovery you deserve after an auto accident in Haltom City. 

How Can You Afford a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A common worry among victims of motor vehicle accidents is how they will afford to hire a car accident attorney after a crash. If you share this concern, rest assured that you will not have to pay any money upfront when you go to a personal injury law firm for help with your case. 

We take on car accident cases on a contingency basis, meaning you only need to pay once you get a settlement from the insurance company. As a result, you will not pay any legal fees until the case is over and you have been compensated for the bills related to the auto accident. If you want to learn more about how our personal injury attorneys can handle cases like yours, come to The Wolf of Law Street to discuss the accident you were involved in.

How Will an Accident Attorney Help You?

Regardless of how your auto accident happened, it is critical that you get legal representation from Texas car accident lawyers who know the local laws. Hiring the right accident lawyer for your case can make your life easier, as you will get the support you deserve while your legal team works on getting you the compensation you need. 

At The Wolf of Law Street, our personal injury lawyers are well versed in the laws surrounding car wrecks and the kinds of damages you may be entitled to after one. This means you can trust our car accident lawyers to talk to the insurance adjuster, negotiate with insurance companies, consider whether comparative negligence is a factor, and other important details. We can even prepare for a jury trial if necessary, so you get the settlement you deserve. We are ready to fight for you, so contact us at (972) 573-4532 to schedule a free consultation at our law office.

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