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  • What Is an ALR Reinstatement Fee?

    If you were convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Texas, your driver’s license was likely suspended for several months. You’ll have to take some important steps to get it back, including paying an ALR reinstatement fee. ALR refers to a civil process called the Administrative License Revocation Program. Here’s what to know about it […]

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  • What Is an Aggravated DWI?

    Driving while impaired, or DWI, is a serious crime to be accused of, which means you could face fines, jail time, and other penalties if you’re convicted. An aggravated DWI is considered even more serious since it means one or more aggravating factors are involved in your case. Keep reading to learn what those factors […]

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  • What Happens When You Get Your First DWI?

    If you were charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) and it’s your first offense of this kind, you likely have many concerns. After all, the legal system can be confusing to navigate, especially since penalties often vary depending on the details of each case. This is why it’s critical to hire a lawyer who will […]

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  • What Foods Set Off a Breathalyzer?

    If you were pulled over and failed a breathalyzer test, you may be trying to process what happened – especially if you know you were sober. How can the test state that you had alcohol in your system when you didn’t drink any alcohol? The answer is that the breathalyzer can pick up traces of […]

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  • What Are the Texas DWI Penalties?

    If the police pull you over and discover that your blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08 or more, you could be arrested for driving while intoxicated or DWI. As a result, you’ll face legal penalties that will include fines, jail time, and driver’s license suspension. These penalties vary depending on how many times you’ve been […]

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  • DUI vs DWI: Which Is Worse?

    If you’ve been charged with drinking and driving in Texas, you could face serious penalties that will affect you for years. But the specific charge will determine the penalties, as DUI and DWI carry different legal consequences. So, which one is worse? In general, being charged with DWI in Texas is worse because the penalties […]

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  • What Are the Differences Between Drunk Driving vs. Impaired Driving?

    Drunk driving and impaired driving are often considered interchangeable since they involve consuming enough alcohol that you cannot safely operate a vehicle. However, according to Texas law, there are some differences between the two. It’s important to be aware of them because your penalties could vary depending on which one you’re charged with. Take a […]

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  • Can You Get a Hardship License After Refusing a Breathalyzer?

    If you’re pulled over on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, you have the right to refuse the breathalyzer test. However, doing so can have consequences, such as your license being suspended for 180 days. If this occurs, you might wonder if it’s possible to get a hardship license so you can drive to work or […]

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  • Can You Get a CDL With a DWI on Your Record?

    If you’re thinking about a career driving commercial vehicles, you’ll first need a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). As you prepare to test for this license, you’ll find you need a good driving record, and a conviction for driving while intoxicated (DWI) can certainly leave a mark on that record. So, does that mean you can’t […]

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